Saturday, January 29, 2011


Was at Bandung, Indonesia earlier this Jan, before school started. Anyways, am on break again. :D Happy. :D

Now I can say that I've been to Indonesia! :D I went with Yen Yin and Yun Er, our friend, Letitia is from Bandung and we stayed with her for a week. :D I definitely had a great time, even though I had diarrhea towards the end of the trip. haha.

One thing I felt was really interesting about Indonesia was that, it felt like a combination of Bangsar in M'sia, China and according to Er, Thailand as well. I suppose it's like most third world countries. The developed areas look great and the not so developed areas, not that great. :D I hated the roads, small, bumpy, full of potholes and filled with traffic. Only when I got there I realized that our M'sian roads are really good. haha.

While we were there, we met Tia's family, including her grandparents. Her paternal grandmother is a doctor, still practicing and is about 80 years old. I am not joking... Also, Indonesians tend to have home businesses like Tia's grandparents. The sign below is the usual home business sign at her grandparent's place.

From left to right, Er, YY, Me, Grandpa, Grandma and Tia.

Indonesia is famous for their volcanoes, mountains and the eruptions too. :D I forgot the name of this mountain. Upside Down Boat Mountain (literal translation). :D

Going to get a different view. :D

Then take pictures. :D

Among the touristy stuff the Indonesians were selling, hats and slippers made from RABBIT fur. YY almost died, she thought of the cute animals when we ate rabbit satay too. Hahah. Well, they tasted good. :D I felt the lion hats were rather ironic and crazy cute at the same time. Tempted to buy one of these stupid touristy nonsense. :D

We also went to listen to some traditional music. Tia's cousin Christy brought us. I enjoyed myself thoroughly as not only were we audiences but we got the chance to play some music. We played the kiddy ones though. I can't recall the name of these instruments, but I reckon it's Angklung. Yeah... I think we have these in M'sia too. No?

Anyways, one of the songs they played was Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. I was really pleased. LOVE QUEEN!! :D Dunno how they did it, but they did, and it's was not bad!

Indonesian food is pretty much the same as ours. Except they have this. It's called Pisang Keju. Wow, diabetes comes with this. It's banana, fried, covered with cheese, chocolate rice and sweet condensed milk. It's craszy good, crazy fat and crazy sweet. Eat this once a day, die la in a month. SO SO SO SWEET!!! But it tastes good. AHAHHA Tia, Er and I are planning to make these and sell them in M'sia. We haven't started anything, cause, we don't know where to get the banana. :D hahaha.

These are Kuih Nenen. Nice and crisp at the side and soft in the middle. Not too sweet but still good. Tia got embarassed when I asked what was the name, I asked her 3 times. HAHAHA Then, I asked for the translation. ONLY THEN I GOT IT!! AHAHHAA
That's all for now. Happy Chinese New Year! :D
Lotsa Lurve,
Eunice W.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Off the beaten track.

I've been busy cleaning out my room. Yes, it feels like forever. I haven't finished... ahhahaha

I'm gonna be real busy cause orientation is this Thursday. Weee..... not. At least, not yet. I'm just sad that my hols are ending. Aih...

Anyways, I'll show you some pictures from ages ago. It was a Sunday School trip to FRIM. :D Nice place to go for fresh air and lotsa greens.
Group Picha!! Uncle Alex and Evin are taking pictures of us. SMILES.
Our guide's name is Abang K. So easy to say, even the kids could say it. One kid even called him Bang Bang K. hahaha. I had a good laugh when he said it. I'm talking bout the one in yellow looking at him.
These trees are really cool. Apparently this type of view from the ground can be seen only here and in Indonesia. So that was really nice. :DD But really, the view itself is awesome! :D
Then we went on a canopy walk. The way getting up was a nightmare to some. :D I fit. No la. I fitter than the not-so-fit people and was first among the adults but 4th maybe to the little rascals. Went up with Luke first on the canopy with three other kids. A shot of the people before going onto the canopy walkway.
Megan and I. She was a little scared but she did it. What scared her the most was the walkway and the height. The walkway shakes a bit. hbahaha. She was awesome and finished it. She was looking down all the way.... hahahhah. She smiled for this picture though. :D
A very nice piture of Luke. And his IDAHO shirt. hahhahaha. This was the end already.

After all that drama, apparently one kid puked, another cried, and loads of running after little kids, we had one fantastic picnic near the waterfall area.

Was so tired afterwards, I just stoned at home. That night, I think I slept really well. ahhahah

Eunice W.

Friday, September 3, 2010


I made some today. Thin crust, delicious. :D Cheesy... Mmmmmm...

I wanted to take pictures but, camera batt died. hahahha. Well, next time la.

Anyways, the dough I made could churn out 5 pieces of personal pan sized pizzas. They were really good. All finished of course!! :D

Will try to take pictures next time.

Eunice W.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I hope

Teacup is still alive. Kitties die from all sorts of crap all the time. I miss Teacup.

ANYWAYS, Teacup isn't mine anymore. I should stop missing it. He was just so adorable!

Aih... Here are some pics from my trip to Penang with Yen Yin and Titia.

At Kek Lok Si, tons of fishies underneath. We fed them too. :D

For fun. Nice? hahahah.

At the swimming pool. Hair too long, but is a cool picture regardless! ahhaha

We also were at the beach. Chance for them to Cam-whore. I obviously joined them. :D This is one of my favs. WE took so many pics, the camera's memory was actually full to the point where I had to change the size of the pics.

We jump by the waters. We make sandcastles (too ugly to show). I write name in the sand. Bliss by the beach. :D Don't forget, we take pictures too. Plus, make aeroplanes!

Nice beach dress? RM25 ony from Sungai Wang. :D

Since it was the Hungry Ghost Month, outside our hotel was the traditional chinese theatre where the actors use high pitch tones to sing and have sing-song conversations. :D I didn't understand a single thing. We were lucky enough to catch it. They only had one show in the time we stayed there.

The shiny face tells you that I've been busy walking the whole day. We went to Kek Lok Si and Forst Cornwallis in the same day. That's a whole lotta walking. We took a midnight train home, left at 11p.m. and arrived the next day, 6a.m. Dead tired when I reached home.

The bed and pillow was surprisingly comfortable! I slept all through the night. Titia and Yen Yin weren't as lucky. They woke up several times apparently. However, if you're taller than me, you prob can't stetch the full length of your legs. My feet was parallel against the wall when I slept.

The trip was really fun all in all. :D

I've been busy this hols. Busy enjoying myself that I just realized times flies. I've about a month left. And it feels so short. hahahha.

Eunice W.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Like the new layout?

I know I do! :DDD

I decided to update my blog. Sem break started couple weeks back and I'm hanging around FULL TIME!! hahahah. Lemme know if you wanna Jalan-jalan.

Since my hols started till now, I've been busy!!
The latest? A little kitty I call Teacup. :DD He's so small and cute. I think it's a he btw. hahahah
I found him outside my house in the "jungle". Anyways, I wanted to keep it desperately, but cause it's too small I didn't.
To feed this fella, you'd need a bottle, cat milk formula and stuff like that. Don't forget vaccinations and visits to the vet.
I gave Teacup to my neighbours. He's so cute. I felt so sad giving Teacup away, but at least I get to see him running around, he gets a good home and more importantly food. hahahha My neighbour is two doors away. :DDD

I'll miss his mewing whenever he sees me. :D HE'S SO CUTE!!! In little Agnes' words, "It's so fluffy I'm gonna DIE!!" Teacup was fluffy giler. Agnes would die!

Eunice W.

Monday, July 12, 2010

I am

not getting enough sleep. Other than that, I can't wait for BREAK!!! :D

It's about 4 to 5 weeks away.

At the moment, if there are still ppl reading my blog, just wanna let you know that I am selling designer chocolates for Stats class. All profits go to some orphanage somewhere. I don't know which though. SO it's for a good cause. The chocolates have been ordered and we're just waiting for it. It's RM 3 each, and it has four flavours, mint, milk, milk and dark and dark. :D Buy K???!!!


Oh and I want to watch

Eunice W.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So, my break is coming to an end. I am not happy bout it but there's nothing I can do.

I went to Damai Laut. Fantastic place, full of seafood, bit old school, very kampung-like, worth going to, for the beach is awesome. :D

Here are some pics to show you what you're missing. :D So we arrived at about 4 or 5. We later went to the lobby area for our welcome drinks. Took this pic at that time.

By the pool. :D, lazing around.

While I was lazing around, my mother spotted a raptor. It's a bird, just in cases. :D Very grand creature, circling above us. Later another one appeared. They just soar, like riding on the wind, and have no need to flap their wings. Very smooth. :D
For breakfast, there's of course your nasi lemak, porridge, but none of those can compare to this baby. :D This is known to me as pain au chocolat. Say it like phan o schocola. :D Chocolate bread. Delicious, sweet, chocolatey, soft. Good. :DDDD

Here's another pic of what is across the sea from us. Pangkor Island. :D You can take a boat across for the day if I'm correct. :D

On the second day, sat under one of these wooden big umbrellas and enjoyed the sea breeze as well as the waves.

Here's what one of those things look like. Sat there waiting for the sun to set.

Almost there.

Clouds came and blocked the sun. :(, but the breeze was so good, we didn't want to move.
hahahha, we left eventually.
Anyways, I had fun. Soon, it'll be time to go back to school and it all starts all over again.
Until my next break, I prob won't update. When my next break comes, I might want to get a part time job or laze full time. Depends. :D
Eunice W.